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HackstockTech's Theme Shop is open! We carry premium themes and high quality templates of all layouts and color schemes. The web design theme store was made to be flexible and responsive so shopping for awesome themes will still be pretty smooth on mobile. One of the best aspect of the designs we offer is that nearly all of them are ported to multiple Content Management Systems (CMS)!

Most (if not all) of our templates are available in the top CMS platforms of today. We have premium Drupal and Wordpress themes for each design. The Drupal themes are available for core versions 5, 6 and 7. If you need DotNetNuke skins or Joomla templates, our designs are ported to those as well. DotNetNuke templates are available for versions 5, 6 and 7. Joomla themes are ready to go for Joomla versions 2.5-3.1 and 3.2-3.3. Joomla's a little pickier beyond version, however as their templates offer variations of positions (position 1, position 2, position 3, etc) or directional (left, right, top, bottom).Our theme store is also home to our custom designs ported to Blogger, Tumblr and even Weebly (both horizontal and vertical menu variations). Even if you're not using one of these CMS platforms, our high quality designs come in raw HTML template forms.

We also have low prices. While many themes and templates at other marketplaces can go for $30 to $50, HackstockTech's high quality theme store is usually around $15. The cost is cut but quality is maintained at a professional level.

A slightly different method of shopping is being used here. Rather than assuming a theme to be of a category such as Technology or Nature, HackstockTech's theme store allows you to shop by layout, features, atmosphere and general feel of the design. Browse themes with 2 columns or themes with a cool or cold feel to them. Find themes that are vibrant and colorful or themes that are neutral and primarily shades.

The Theme Shop is launched with several themes currently. There are a few dozen more that are designed and they will be polished up, ported and published to our online theme store periodically so fresh content and new designs are on their way.

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