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Websites need a home, also known as a host. Websites also need a domain name. The domain and host need to be connected. Your domain should also have its own email, for example info@yourdomain.com. Many companies need extra services to plug into or be added onto their websites for analytics, collaboration, customer service and social media.

HackstockTech can save you and your company time by determining the needs of your website and offering website services or consultation to get each of these setup properly for you and/or your small business. We can shop around for the best providers of these and related website services or even offer our own depending on your needs. From there, we can implement the most effective solutions quickly and efficiently.

Some of these web services can be bundled together resulting in a single service for several solutions. For example, many registrars offer discounted hosting costs and even email services. HackstockTech’s Web Solutions will help you find the best overall package for everything you and your company may need.

Here’s a few miscellaneous Web Solutions that HackstockTech offers consultation and services for:

  • Domain Name Solutions (Registrar and DNS)
  • Hosting Solutions (web host, virtual private server, fileserver)
  • Email solutions (Google Admin, Registrar specific email)

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